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12/2014 - Alameda County Report - PLUMBERS

by Ché Timmons on 12/05/14

Happy Holidays to everyone! The plumbing work in Alameda County is still pretty slow and is expected to continue into the early part of 2015. On a better note, the outlook for 2015 is a lot brighter than the past couple of years.

One of the projects we have to look forward to is the East County Hall of Justice with Frank Booth as the plumbing contractor. We have completed a pre-job with Frank Booth and they are projected to start hiring toward the end of the first quarter of the 2015.

There is still some hospital work coming up in Alameda County with Washington Hospital still in limbo. This project is over a year behind schedule, but with the selection of a new general contractor we hope to see some forward movement.

Another hospital project we have to look forward to is the Oakland Children’s Hospital Expansion. This project is a $475-million expansion with a new 6-story outpatient building, new central plant, and renovation of 85,000 sq. ft. of existing space. The project is currently in the initial review stages, but we could possibly start seeing activity toward the latter part of the year.

With the defeat of Berkeley’s Measure R, the initiative aimed to impose strict standards on taller buildings, the The Residences at Berkeley Plaza project can now move forward. This project is under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) and is an 18-story building with 300 apartment units and some small mixed-use spaces proposed in downtown Berkeley. There will be a public hearing on the EIR report and the project use permit on January 22, 2015. So, if you can make it please come out and support this project!

There is an enormous amount of proposed work in Alameda County. A lot of this work is private and we will have a hard time getting a foot in the door. As residents of the communities where these projects will be built, it is important that we attend these City Council meetings and speak out on local hiring provisions, which in turn helps put our members to work. Keep an eye on your local city’s website as well as the Local 342 website, for upcoming meetings and come out and speak on these projects.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!