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SUPPORT LABOR in the Tri-Valley

by Ché Timmons on 09/09/14

Urgent Action Needed to Defend Union Construction Jobs in the Tri-Valley

A Developer has finally gotten it right.  They will build Union.

If the project gets built!

400 Union built residential units, within a ten minute walk of the BART station, are threatened to be killed due to Election Day politics. 

We can’t let that happen.

The Green Mix-Use project covers 27.5 acres and is located on the south side of Martinelli Way between Hacienda Drive to the east and Arnold Drive to the west. Interstate 580 forms the southern boundary of the site. 

Too many developers have gotten very rich paying non-union construction workers $14 to $18 an hour as Dublin and the Tri-Valley has grown.  We can’t turn this around unless we all fight for a project that promises to do right for our communities by providing middle class union construction jobs.

On Tuesday, September 16th at 7:00 PM, at 100 Civic Plaza, the Dublin City Council will vote on this project. We need you to help send a message that good jobs matter.    

You can also email or leave a message with Council members Kevin Hart, David Haubert and Don Biddle.   Let them know you support the Green Mix Use Project.

Ø  The Green Mix Use Project puts housing where we need it- next to BART.

Ø  The Green Mix Use Project will provide quality construction jobs unlike so many other projects approved by the city.

Don Biddle           (925) 833-6664

Kevin Hart              (925) 833-6662

David Haubert (925) 833-6665

Make your calls or email today and we will see you on Tuesday, September 16th.

08/2014 Alameda County Report - PLUMBERS

by Ché Timmons on 08/22/14

Alameda County Plumbing has seen a small surge in hiring on the projects I have been reporting on in the last few reports.

Critchfield Mechanical is manned up at Fremont Hospital, with around 10 plumbers and they should be setting finish sometime in August.

FW Spencer is still at Highland Hospital, with around 15 plumbers onsite.

Southland is in the overhead piping phase at PAMF, with about 6 plumbers onsite and they should be starting underground plumbing at the Cal State East Bay project in mid-July, with the overhead piping starting sometime in October.

Lawson Mechanical is starting the Ohlone College parking structure and will be hiring 2-3 plumbers in mid July.

Air Systems of Sacramento has hired 7 plumbers at the DEA Lab and that project is scheduled to wind down toward the end of summer.

Paul’s Plumbing, as a sub-contractor to Airco Mechanical, will be starting the Merritt College Science Lab later this summer, adding to the few apartment projects they have in Oakland.

One of the larger projects that we’ve been looking forward to is Washington Hospital. This project has been delayed for the past 10 months, but it’s looking like we may start to see some activity later this year. I’ll report on this as I know more.

East County Government Center is another project that has seen some delays, but is finally starting to move. A design contract was awarded to a general contractor, so hopefully we should see some activity in the latter part of this year. 

REMINDER:  Be sure to attend your local city council meeting(s) as there is a lot of future building activity in all the cities of Alameda County.  Your support for these projects is very important.



05/2014 Alameda County Report - PLUMBERS

by Ché Timmons on 08/22/14

FW SpencerHighland Hospital is still ongoing with about 20 Plumbers still onsite. Oakland Kaiser is coming to an end after 4 years. There is still 1 Plumber onsite closing out the job.

Southland Industries have just finished the underground plumbing at  Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) in Fremont. The top-out phase should start in the next couple of months and Southland is projecting 10-12 Plumbers onsite at peak.

Critchfield Mechanical – The underground plumbing is complete and the top-out phase of the project is scheduled to start at the end of April/early May. CMI is projecting 4-6 Plumbers at peak.

Broadway Mechanical’s 1200 Ashby project in Berkeley is a multi-story condo project that should employ 4-6 members starting in the next couple of months.

Air Systems of Sacramento is scheduled to start a DEA Lab in Pleasanton in early May. This is a fast-track  lab with a projected manpower of 12-15 members working through the summer.

KDS Plumbing has 2 projects. The first is a 3-story office building in Fremont where they are waiting to start the top-out phase. The second is Kinestral Technologies in Hayward. This is a 4-6 month project that should have 3-5 members onsite through the summer.

Lawson Mechanical has been awarded the parking structure at Ohlone College. This project is scheduled to start this summer.

There are a lot of upcoming projects on the drawing board in every city of Alameda County, so please check the website,, for upcoming city council meetings in your area and come out to support Labor!

03/2014 Alameda County Report - PLUMBERS

by Ché Timmons on 08/22/14

Alameda County Plumbing has been slow, but the good news is that there are a few projects that will be starting in the next few months.

AIRCO MECHANICAL, from Sacramento, will be working on a new four-story Science Lab at Merritt College in Oakland. This project is expected to start the underground plumbing in March 2014 and at its peak the project is projected to employ 8-10 members.

SOUTHLAND INDUSTRIES has two projects that both have end of March 2014 start dates. The first is the Cal State East Bay Faculty Office Building which is a six-story office building at the Hayward campus. The other project is Palo Alto Medical Foundation MOB. This is a small single-story medical office building project at their Fremont campus.

CRITCHFIELD MECHANICAL is starting a medical office building at the Fremont Hospital in Fremont. This project starts at the beginning of March 2014 and at its peak is projected to employ 6-8 members.

PAN PACIFIC has two ongoing projects at UCB Lower Sproul Hall and UCB Art and Film Museum, and one at the LBNL SERC Building. These projects are all in various stages with around 10 members onsite, but we should see 4-5 more members dispatched to these sites.

JW MCCLENAHAN is finishing Sutter Medical and they still have four members there for the next month. They also have a project at the LBNL CRT Building, with about 8 members onsite.

PAUL’S PLUMBING has four high density residential projects in the Oakland area right now with about 20 members spread out among them. They also have a new job at MacArthur BART Station starting this month.

FW SPENCER at Highland Hospital has around 40 members left onsite. That project is slowing down and they are laying-off about four members per week. Oakland Kaiser is finishing up and there are 5 members still out there for the next few months doing change order work.

Local resident support is very important when new projects go before the city council for approval, so please check the website,, from time to time as we are posting the dates and times for upcoming city council meetings within our jurisdiction. Come out and support!


by Ché Timmons on 06/02/14

We received notice that the Newark City Council will hold a public hearing to consider the adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration (“MND”) for the Integral Communities Cedar Townhomes Project on June 12, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, located at 37101 Newark Blvd.  


Project Description:  Construction of an 85 unit residential  townhome development


Location: the northeast corner of Cedar Boulevard and Mowry School Road in Newark, CA at 901-0195-039


Applicant: Integral Communities


Entitlements: Adoption of MND, General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Tentative Tract Map, and Architectural Site Plan and Review


Status: the MND and entitlements for the Project went before the Newark Planning Commission at a hearing on Tuesday, May 13, 2014.  The City Council was scheduled to hold a public hearing on the MND and entitlements for this Project on May 28, 2014.  However, the agenda item was continued to the hearing on June 12, 2014.